Updated: June 2, 2003

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Who Is This Idiot?
Here's a shot of me testing my stupidity with my brand new car. Zoom

This is a photo of my good friend Steve McFall and myself in a riding area near Mesa, Arizona. Steve hadn't ridden a bike very much and he ruined a excellent, vintage racing jersey by bleeding all over it when he "McFell" down.

OK, this is me at New Vienna's MX Park in New Vienna, Ohio. I hope to get some killer suspension for my 400EX before the double jump at this track puts me in some pain.

Now, how do I get rid of this fishy smell?

I have many friends like Marcie who are a bad influence on me and I try my best to stay clear of these bad influences.
Mmmmmm... Barenjager shots!!!!

My Doggies

Good question... Here's the compressed version of my ATV life:

I am a former ATV racer who resides near Dayton, Ohio and now ride more for fun than race. I started riding on a 1971 ATC 90 I bought back in 1974 and have been hooked on ATVs ever since.

Back then there weren't any races but I spent my time trail riding, floating across creeks and jumping trash cans whenever possible. I grew up in a small suburb, Beavercreek, Ohio. Back then, riding on the streets, was still possible without too much Police harassment.

My whole outlook on ATC's changed when Honda released their 250r in 1981 with full suspension and two-stroke power. Until then, my trash cans were limited to about four, laying on their side, before my ATC 90 would bounce me off on landings. After purchasing my first 250R, four trash cans were nothing in the world of full suspension, heavy duty axles and disk brakes. What will they think of next?

I have owned the following ATVs:

- 1971 Honda ATC 90* (4)
- 1981 Honda ATC 185s
- 1982 Honda ATC 250R*
- 1982 Honda FL250 Odyssey
- 1984 Husqvarna 430 3-Wheeler
- 1984 Honda ATC 200s
- 1984 Honda ATC 250R
- 1985 Honda FL350 Odyssey*
- 1985 Suzuki ALT-50 3-Wheeler
- 1985 Yamaha 250 Tri-Z -(MX)
- 1985 Yamaha 250 Tri-Z -(TT)
- 1987 Yamaha Banshee -(Mod)*
- 1987 Yamaha Banshee -(Stock)
- 1987 Yamaha Tri-Zinger*
- 1988 Yamaha Blaster
- 1988 Honda Fourtrax 250R*
- 2000 Honda 400EX
- 2003 Polaris Predator*
* Currently own

I then started racing local races and worked my way into racing Nationals and Pro-Class events. I tried making a custom, big-bore Husqvarna ATV to race in the nationals and even had Team Honda's Bob Hannah tell me I was nuts for even hopping on the thing.

Back then, we could race against the factory teams like Team Honda and Team Kawasaki at some of the nationals. Jimmy White, new rider for Team Kawasaki, even had his mechanic help me fix my Honda 250R so I could race my event in Ashtabula, Ohio. (Team Honda was too good to for that and even had their pit area fenced off so nobody could get near them.) I will never forget that about Jimmy White and he was total class every time I met him.

Before long, I started to realize I would no longer have money to eat with if I kept going out of town for weeks at a time. So, I settled down and raced mostly local tri-state events and only raced about twice a month instead of twice a week. After years of racing you can burn yourself out trying to race that often while working enough hours to keep the house payment on time.

After my 34th birthday, and not maintaining race conditioning, I found that when I would land from big g-out doubles things like my back and knees would start hurting. Also, they seemed to take three times as long to heal and racing lost some of it's appeal for me. Besides, I had already thrown away or donated more trophies than I still had and really didn't see the need like I used to compete all summer long.

That brings us from 1974 till today and now I work 8-12 hours a day behind a computer making trade show and museum graphics. It doesn't seem to help my conditioning for racing and I hardly have the time to ride but once every two weeks but who's complaining?.. I guess I am huh?

OK, enough bitching! I will still hit the tracks every once and a while just to abuse my ego and hope to race some local events this summer. I have met some great people from having this website and hope to meet more of you. If anyone is planning on riding in the
Ohio / Michigan / Indiana / Kentucky area drop me an e-mail and maybe we can all hook up for a ride.