Updated: July 1, 2001

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Dale Montgomery - The Badlands

Dale got a wild hair during our Badlands trip on the end of September, 2000 and decided to try a nearly impossible hill climb on one of the hard-packed, sand cliffs to test his hill climbing abilities.

He may have made it with enough speed but since he had a wide a-arm kit and offset rims the carved-in trail was not wide enough for him to go through. This stopped him immediately midway up (pic 2) and started the downward tumble you see here.

Dale somehow survived without a scratch and we only had to readjust his bars back to their previous position to continue riding for the remainder of the day. Although, his front rims were switched because the too narrow groove almost pushed the beads of the rims and caused a flat.

Most surprising of all was the flag pole never snapped. Even without a spring mount to allow it to flex. It must've been saved from Dale's body as it flipped over him. Way to go buddy!