Updated: July 1, 2001

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Roger Stumpff's Butt Bruise
Roger was out with his friends on a weekend ride in one of our national forest's ride areas where he gained this lovely love tap from the ground below.

It seems Roger got separated from the group he was with and made the mistake of riding on his own away from the other riders he was with. Well, after giving up locating them, Roger went flying down a trail that he was not familiar with on his big-bore Yamaha Warrior. He was going at a high rate of speed when he noticed at the last minute that the trail had a ditch going through it from a washout from the previous weeks rain. All he could do was hit the throttle and get the front end up to try and save it but the high rate of speed bucked him off his Warrior and deposited him in the trees... Busting his levers in the process.

Lucky for Roger he didn't break anything because he was far from camp, and his buddies, so there was nobody to help him get back. Roger somehow climbed back on his Warrior, got it fired up and RODE it back to camp where his friends were waiting.

I can only imaging the pain when sitting on this one. Image #2 really shows the amount of swelling from this injury. By the way these photos were taken a WEEK after this happened. <:-O

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