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Last Updated: 1/29/01
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Dirt Wheels Article, 1982
1982 Husqvarna
250cc Tri-Cross

Just as this issue was in its second stage of printing, Husqvarna showed up with the next stage in their three-wheeler development - a pre-production 250cc machine called the Tri-Cross. This bike is very close to what we'll see in September, when the first production Huskys hit the dealer floors. We had half a day to ride it, shoot the photos, and pound out the story, so naturally these are only first impressions.As soon as they're available in production form we will have our normal, extended test.
A for-real racer, the new Husky will finally provide some competition for the mighty ATC250R

The Husky Tri-Cross is a work of art. Beautiful blue and gold color scheme and attention to detail is outstanding

A larger front disk, different seat material, newer style cases and plastic instead of fiberglass will be the major difference.

Reproduced from Dirt Wheels Magazine, 1982

- April, 1982 issue

The latest Husky uses a 250cc, five-speed, manual clutch, reed valve engine. It's bolted into a motorcycle-type chromoly frame with a special triangulated swingarm that allows for long travel without excessive height. A single, remote reservoir Ohlins shock suspends the rear end, while Husky-made 35mm telescopic forks cushion the front end. Grimeca front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide the stopping power. Goodyear tires are mounted on aluminum rims. Controls are by Magura. Suspension' travel is 81/2 inches at both ends, and its weight is 230 pounds with a half tank of fuel. This is almost 40 pounds .less than a Honda ATC250R!

The engine will use smaller, newer design engine cases, with primary kickstarting, and a redesigned kickstarter lever. The Ohlins shock a very expensive unit may be replaced with something more modest. The front brake disc will be larger in diameter for greater grip. Fiberglass and paint body work will be plastic and decals instead. A plastic airbox will be form-fitted to the air filter. The low-profile tires will probably be substituted with a general use design.

The new Tri-Cross is an impressive ma- chine. The workmanship and detailing is superb. Husqvarna is apparently very serious about their three-wheel program, and it shows.

  The Tri-Cross is an out-of-the-box racer; more so than even the ATC250R. The Husky has standard features that 250R racers must buy and install themselves. Stock versus stock, the Husky will walk away from the 250R. A battle of modifieds could be a different story. Putting it briefly, the Tri-Cross handles well, turns precisely, blasts over the rough stuff, and truly hauls. It's fast. This is some serious competition for Big Red. The suggested retail price will be about $2500. How serious are you about three-wheeling?

(As you may have guessed... Husky never released their 250 Tri-Cross)

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