Updated: May 29, 2012

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3-4 Wheel Converter - 1986

These type of kits became available right after quads started outselling 3-wheelers. While this kit did offer the option of converting back to three wheels others, like the Astro were offered as a weld-on kit. The idea was a good one but since the frame geometry wasn't designed for the weight balance these kits never handled as well a manufactured quad and most ended up reverting back to three wheels again.

These kits are no longer being produced and were junk when they were still in production. Sure, they worked fine for putting around the back yard and letting your first timer friends ride around an oval track, but anything else more aggressive was pure disaster. The a-arms were too short, the shocks were junk and riders eventually got tired of repairing them and went back to three wheels. Besides, they looked really stupid too!

Take my advice and do not screw up your three wheeler with one of these kits. Even if you somehow found one on eBay or other auctions. When these kits were new they were selling for over $2000. Fix up your existing three wheeler, sell it online or in your local trader publication, and combine it with the money you would have spent on the kit towards a used quad of similar power. You will be much, much, much better off in the long run and still be able to buy replacement parts.

I don't mean to trash this kit, or other ones like it, but I get many e-mails from readers who think I either sell these kits or know of someone who does. I have first-hand experience with this type of kit being used on the 250R, Tecate and Tri-Z and all of them, including myself, regretted the money wasted. It was a good idea but never got very popular due to reliability issues and customer injuries.