Updated: September 20, 2001

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The BadLands Off-Road Park - Attica, IN
Plenty of hills to climb

I heard about this ride area through other ATV enthusiasts and magazine articles and I was always curious about what it was like. The main problem was I could never get a group together because of scheduling conflicts and other distractions. Usually, this means I wait too long and the park closes for the Winter by the time I get my act together so I can go.

There are plenty of very steep peaks around the Badlands and you can always test your skills on some of the vertical peaks that are located through most of the park. Here is Dale trying to launch off the top of one of the steep hills located within the park. ZOOM
Well, here's where having a website pays off. I got an e-mail from a Wilmington, Ohio rider Dale Montgomery asking if I would like to go with him and some friends to check the place out. I guess the timing was right because for once I didn't have a wedding or picnic to go to that weekend so the plans were put in place.

Dale and his buddy Gordan drove by my place and picked me up in his brother-in-law's new Durango that we loaded to the max preparing for our weekend adventure. After repairing a blown fuse and several bad taillights we finally got on the road... only 3-hours later than planned.

The following morning we arrived at the Badlands Off Road Park ready to ride. After parking the tow vehicle in a line at the gate and walked into the cycle shop to purchase our tickets. The cost for tickets is $15.00 Daily Pass / $20.00 Two Day Pass / $30 Three Day Pass / $ 5 Passenger Per Day and you must be packed-up and leave before 7:00. Vehicles must have a 6ft flag at all times and alcohol is prohibited.

Once inside the park we threw on our riding clothes, bolted on our flags and fired up our quads to do some damage to the Indiana pea gravel and sand dunes. There are so many hill climbs and jumps I didn't know where to start. I decided to follow the rest of the group and see what sort of trouble we could get into.

Attach those flags so we can get ridding!