Updated: June 25, 2001

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Erik on his Suzuki ALT 50
On the Edge
This is my oldest nephew Erik, seen in other taking his first laps around the ATV track at Kil-Kare race track in Xenia, Ohio around the fall of 1983. I bought him this Suzuki so he could go riding with me and race if he wanted to. The problem was the Suzuki had to race against Honda ATC 90s and they were much faster than the little 50 was designed for and he didn't have a chance.

I don't remember how the rear fender got busted but it was probably me that did it. We used to gather all of the adults after our race, climb on these little three wheelers and race around the track until we were forced to leave by impatient mothers wanting to get home. We only had the Suzuki for about a year because it was poorly made and Yamaha released their Tri-Zinger 60 with front suspension and more power for faster lap times.