Updated: June 25, 2001

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Lake Shawnee - Jamestown Ohio
Nothing cures the thumping head and sensitive stomach of a New Years Extravaganza like riding on a frozen lake only hours later on my first ride of the year. The fresh air and frostbite possibilities only increase the distractions of the upset stomach and lack of sleep for celebrating the New Year.

This is Tim Hart, (J-R) and myself trying to sit still long enough to get our photo taken for this website. I wanted some action shots but we only had enough film for this shot.

Tim was hiding out on the lake trying avoid percussion after breaking a crock pot of Anetha's World Famous Meatballs with a punching bag hours earlier. (I haven't seen him since then.) He added some sheet metal screws to his tires and it did very well on the snow covered lake. He only dumped it twice. I tried his bike but I don't feel comfortable riding those tippy two-wheelers on ice. I'll stick with training wheels

I switched between my unstudded, stock 400EX, modified '88 250R with sheet metal screws in the tires and my Toomey-piped, 87 Banshee with sand paddle tires. The screws made my 250R the quickest on the ice, but since it was running slightly lean, I didn't push it too much. My Banshee was running great but the tires were spinning about 20MPH faster than the quad was moving so that was no good. The 400EX was the best for most of the riding I was doing and didn't bug the neighbors as much with the quieter exhaust. Plus, it didn't use nearly as much gas and I could drive right up to the pumps and fill up without mixing my oil in. :-)

If you try this at home make sure you test the ice before going out on it. I didn't need to because trucks had been out there all week so my fat butt wasn't breaking through on the 400. I don't know the thickness breakdown but if you're sharp enough to find my website I know you will be able to locate it on your own.