Updated: June 26, 2001

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Jumping My Husqvarna 430
Here I am jumping my Husky off my handbuilt, parkbench/plywood ramp in Huber Heights, Ohio. Believe it or not the thing jumped pretty good. It didn't like big , slamming jumps like my 250R but it wasn't too bad on the smaller stuff.

The main problem with this ATV was starting it. Husky's weren't known for their easy starting and coupled with a high-strung, two-stroke motor with strong compression made this three wheeler a pain to start at times. Also, the kick starter was on the LEFT side of the motor and required standing on the left tire and kicking with my right leg. If it backfired during starting you would almost be thrown from it.

I raced several tracks but most wouldn't let me race it because it was so much more powerful than the 250Rs of that era and we didn't have open classes at that time. Also, it vibrated quite a bit and would wear you out much quicker than my 250R so it was mostly used as a duner and backup bike. Who knows where this thing is now.

ATV: 1984 Husqvarna 430 2-stroker early prototype, Stock motor,  Goodyear Compass front, Armstrong rear tires, Durablue axle,  1982 Honda axle bearing carrier, Dual rear shocks, Shortened factory Husky front forks,  Stock-re-cut exhaust pipe, refabricated stock frame.