Updated: April 22, 2003

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Kil-Kare Raceway - Dayton, Ohio 1984
She preps for her first race...
Long ago, I used to race the Stock Class Three Wheeler, Modified Class Three Wheeler and Stock Odyssey classes at the same event. Somehow, Rob Hanneman and myself talked his sister into racing my Odyssey in the Powder-Puff Odyssey class after my race was over. Here, her brother Rob is explaining to his sister which lever is the gas and which was the brake. Pretty simple huh? She learned which to use in practice after destroying several hay bails and almost flipping around one of the tires lining the track. Note: My futuristic, BMX number plate is still in one piece and zip-tied securely to my Honda. After her race it was busted up and had to be duck taped together.

In the upper left is former girlfriend Kelly Noga, (Hunt), watching the other racers change into their race gear... Bad Kelly!

ATV: 1983 Honda Odyssey, stock motor, pipe, filter, front shocks, broken-off headlight, front tires and Goodyear Compass rear tires.