Updated: June 26, 2001

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My First 250R
Mixing gas and oil?
Me and my nephew Erik on my new ATC 250R. After years of slow, automatic-clutched ATCs with no suspension I get my first fully-suspended, disc-braked, two-stroker. This baby changed the way people thought of ATCs and allowed me to get involved in motorcross type events at local tracks. The ATC 250R was introduced in 1981 but had a under-designed rear DRUM brake so I waited a year for a 250R that could stop.

Since I had to now premix OIL with my gasoline I had to learn a whole new way to night ride on the streets of Beavercreek, Ohio. I had to make sure I carried a plastic bottle with a correct, pre-measured amount of 2-stroke oil with me in case I needed a refill from the local Site station.

(Nice goggles Erik)

ATV: 1982 Honda ATC 250R stock (It even came with STEEL, 2-piece rims)