Updated: June 26, 2001

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New Vienna MX Park - New Vienna, OH
Well, here's a larger version of the double jump at New Vienna's main MX track. I  am jumping this on my stock 400EX with 18" rear tires. I would rather make this on my 250R but the 400 is not that bad making this jump. I had to be in 5th gear at half throttle to be able to clear the peak and it was very unnerving the first several times I made it.

CAUTION: I went a bit slower I paid the price by landing HARD on the top of the tabletop area. (I busted my headlight frame and starter solenoid just from the impact). I didn't wreck but it felt almost as bad as if I had so please RESPECT this jump. I have seen quite a few Bikers and ATV riders leave the track with broken ankles and wrists from this jump so don't try it unless you're really confident on jumping or just crazy and want some time off work for recovery.