Updated: June 26, 2001

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New Vienna MX Park - New Vienna, OH
Here's an overhead shot of the track and riding areas.
#1 - Signup building
#2 - Hare Scramble track/riding area
#3 - Back MX practice track with smaller double and triple jumps
#4 - Oval track for full-out slides and high speeds
#5 - Supercross-style track for the crazy bikers (too peaky for quads to enjoy)
#6 - Main MX track with many larger double and triple jumps, bermed corners and a newly added whoop section. The jump directly to the right of the #6 is the huge double jump. (click image to see)

Not labeled is the drag area for challenging your tough-talking buddies and a Pee-Wee track for the 50cc kids on bikes.