Updated: June 26, 2001

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Tiger ATV's First Prototype
Check Out Those Handlebars!
Since I started racing early in the merging ATV classes, and had a decent racing reputation, I was contacted by a small American company that were starting a small racing team called "Team Tiger". I received this photo with an attached letter asking if I was interested in riding the prototype and trying out for their forming race team. Tiger was in the process producing a "race-ready", 250cc Rotax powered, three wheeler to compete against Team Honda and Team Kawasaki in the national racing circuit. I rode one of the prototypes and was very impressed with the power it had but I was not a fan of having to use a twist throttle. I never owned a MX bike so using a twist was not an option in my mind. Tigers were always very fast on the TT tracks, but were noticeably nose-heavy when jumped. Combine this bad handling attribute with an awkward twist throttle, (for me at least) I decided that a Tiger and I were not a good mix.

ATV: Tiger ATV's Race ATV Prototype with 250cc Rotax motor, fork-mounted radiator, F/R disk brakes, twist throttle and I believe a 38mm carb.