Updated: April 22, 2003

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Ice Racing my Tri-Z 250
This is my 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z 250 at Hara Arena, in Dayton Ohio. My friends and I raced on Ice, (notice the screws in my tires), between heats of the Ice Racers on Motorcycles. Ice Racing is a lot of fun... especially the "Unstudded" class.

I am parked between some of my friends 1985 ATC 200x racers owned by Jeff Storck, Mark Storck and Mike Kiminas. They ran the unstudded class and spent some of the race banging off the walls of the hockey rink we race on. Another friend of mine, Mike Williams, left him of the two stroke smoke from his trick, custom framed, Yamaha YZ 125 three wheeler.

I was beaten from a guy on a mostly stock 1981 250R with carbide screws. :-(

ATV: 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z 250, TerryKit fork springs, stock pipe (for better torque), Turf Tamers rear tires, K&N filter, +2" Durablue axel, metal screws in tires.