Updated: October 26, 2003

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My First ATV - 1971 ATC 90
Lock This Clown Up!
Me and my nephew Erik on my 1971 ATC 90 displaying the grass-shredding power of the mid-70s ATVing.

Before I get the e-mail complaints about my safety gear not being used please note the following: Look at the hair... That would absorb any crash this ATV could develop. The grey tube socks are a substitute for a good pair of boots because of the finely woven cotton fibers, used to keep the socks up high as they are in this picture, would deflect any debris that may hit them. As far as chest protectors go... They weren't very common back then but that's why my Nephew's riding with me. What else are little Nephews good for?

At this time in my early ATVing career I weighed about 150lbs which made crossing deep water very challenging. Since the tires were so large, and I was so light, I could actually float and keep the carb out of the water. Without tread on the tires all I would do is barely move until the current of local streams smashed me against the nearest tree root.

While not having any suspension or footpeg bolts I would still jump this death machine wherever I could. My neighborhood record is 3 trash cans lying on their side. Any more than that and I would bounce like a superball and land in a crumpled, dejected heap. (I didn't know about a landing ramp back then.)

ATV: 1971 ATC 90, stock rear FIBERGLASS fenders, front STEEL fender removed for better aerodynamics, factory rimless tires with tire patches on the OUTSIDE of the tires, bent laundry line support pole for a racing exhaust and coat hangers wrapped around cylinder head to support foot peg assembly.