Updated: October 13, 2002

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Kim Ley - Uhrichsville, OH

Name: Kim Ley
Age: Old enough to know better but still don't care!
Uhrichsville, OH
E-mail Address: voodoo@tusco.net
Website: www.geocities.com/voodoo13_kim
1986 TRX 250R, 1987 250X, 2000 300EX

1986 TRX 250R pretty much stock for now - upgrade work in progress... on a budget, so I can only do one quad at a time heeheehee....

1987 TRX 250X has a 1993 300EX motor pretty much all stock now; Cobra exhaust; polished 1989 TRX 250R swingarm, rear shock, axle, and hubs; White Brothers swingarm skidplate; 520 D.I.D. ERT gold series chain (the only kind I run on all my ATVs); Lonestar bearing carrier; 10x10 ITP .190 rear wheels; Douglas red label .190 fronts (not on yet); original grey front fenders with 2003 factory honda black gas tank and hood plastic, going to get UFO black rear fenders and a custom seat cover sometime (gotta make it pretty); Skat Trak nerfs (on the way), Cycra pro-bend handguards, dual halogen headlights, new sprockets 38/14, Pro Racing CR80 handlebars, and soon to come - engine modifications, +1 lonestar steering stem, and an IMS oversize fuel tank. As you may can tell this is the one I am buying stuff for right now......

2000 300EX all stock except for Dynojet kit in carb, White Brothers E-series exhaust, 1987 TRX 250R a-arms, Lonestar bearing carrier, O'Neal mini 80 handlebars, and 38/14 sprockets.

Things to know about me:
I am a nut on a quad or so I have been told.... Hey, crashing sucks but I have fun anyway as long as I don't have to go to the hospital - miss too much quality riding time in there... Injuries I have received from riding: broken right femur, ruptured spleen, crushed the nerves in my right shoulder, and most recently fractured both bones in my left arm at my wrist (the cast comes off my arm in 2 weeks finally!!!). I like trail riding with my friends and GNCC racing........

Kim Ley
Dirtgirl extreme - can crash with the best of them...
Scars are just tattoos that have a more interesting story to tell.....