Updated: June 26, 2001

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Barnett's Raceway Park, Camden, Ohio
Here's my former roommate Ted "Wee-Wee" Mink racing in the Super-Stock class showing his cornering skills. As you can see by the suspension set-up there weren't any jumps to woory about. Barnett's was a technical TT course and was one of our favorite tracks and where Ted and I had the most fun racing with our buddies due to the low pressure, fun nature of our local club's events.

Ted grew up in Farmersville, Ohio and worked for the local Yamaha dealer, Yamaha of Dayton, that I raced for back then. He broke-in this Tri-Z by racing a 4-hour, two man, Hare Scramble Race. Yamaha made a very durable motor in those old Tri-Z's and we both did very well when we raced them.

ATV: 1986 Yamaha Tri-Z 250, Ohtsu flat track  tires, lower clips removed from rear shock, and Answer silencer when rules permitted.