Updated: September 20, 2001

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Gilbert's Party Barn's Hare Scramble

Nub with the hammer down. This was one of the faster sections of the track. Note one of the two tassels on the throttle side.

Guess who? That's my audition for the next Crusty Demons of Dirt video.

Nub never did any jumps oval track racing so I am sure he had a little apprehension on the MX sections.

This is me doubling an uphill triple jump. We had soft springs settings for soaking up the tundra so tripling wasn't an option.

I must admit... I didn't think we'd do very well on my first hare scramble race since 1985. That was a long time ago and I haven't raced at all since 1994. What the hell's wrong with me? I was 35 years old and have only had the time to ride about a dozen times last year. But with the help of my good friend and neighbor Arnold (Nub) Puckett, and my trusty 400EX, we were going to give it a try for the heck of it and see what happens.

Gilbert's Party Barn is in Beavercreek, Ohio and has two Hare Scrambles a year. The track is a short, but challenging, off road course that features woods, open field and motocross sections with a nasty mudpit to swallow the competition. Roger Gilbert, the race organizer and owner, combines this event with a pig roast so spectators have some excellent food and wash it down with a few brewskies to add to the fun.

Now, don't misunderstand me... We weren't racing the all of the top national riders out there running the national circuit. Most of the racers were local or tri-state racers honing their skills for regional competition but that doesn't mean they weren't fast by any means. There were a lot of racers that were really flying around that track. There was even a guy on a three wheeler riding his heart out to run with the quads. He wins my Ironman Award for just showing up.

We showed up in style with a big canopy tent, covered trailers, and Team Viagra signs scattered around our pit. My new 400EX was all shined up and ready to go. The only modifications we made were Renthall bars, BMX grips, Holeshot tires front and rear and dropping our front shock's spring settings at maximum softness for our aging arms. To top it all off I added some pink and white handlebar tassels to set us apart from the other red quads we competed against. The other racers were not impressed. :-(