Updated: June 25, 2001

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Ashtabula, Ohio 1982

The rules for stock 250cc at the time were there was to be no modifications at all to the ATV unless it was a comparable factory replacement. That's how I was able to race with these rear tires and still be legal. I believe they were cheap, Nankang replacements but since they had a stiffer sidewall I was able to corner faster than with the stock Dunlops. Oh, in case you were wondering what I was lied about to from the other racers from the previous page... It was RAISING the height of my Honda as far as I could go front and rear and changing my stock oil's mixture from 20-1 to 120-1. Well, I did race with my Honda raised as high as I could but didn't change my gas/oil mixture. This is good because I would've never finished and had some expensive motor work to pay for.