Updated: June 26, 2001

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Kil-Kare Raceway - Dayton, Ohio 1984
Getting ready for the track
My first "Project Trike" was a motorcycle to three wheeler conversion that I made on a Husqvarna 430 MX bike. I bought a frame from Team Husky that was used in their testing for a Husqvarna Three Wheeler prototype that never was produced. I modified their conversion and swiped some 250R parts to make it better handling and stop better.

It was very , very fast for it's day but the vibration and weight balance made it uncompetitive on short-course MX tracks that I liked to race . It also had a problem with throwing the rubber off of the lawnmower tires we used back then.
(I guess Armstrong didn't plan on their tires being abused like that?)

Needless to say, it turned many heads when I brought it to the track. I even got to race it in Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta  racing for "Husqvarna of Dayton". (I DNF'd after losing my brakes)

That's me and good friend Rob Hanneman after checking the gas, tires and other items before the race.

ATV: 1984 Husqvarna 430 2-stroker early prototype, Stock motor,  Goodyear Compass front, Armstrong rear tires, Durablue axle,  1982 Honda axel bearing carrier, Dual rear shocks, Shortened factory Husky front forks,  Stock-re-cut exhaust pipe, refabricated stock frame.