Updated: November 25, 2008

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Predator 500 and Outlaw 450/525 Graphic Kits

Because I was wanting unique graphics for my Predator I added new equipment to allow mself to produce high-quality, custom graphics for myself and the masses. I am putting together a website for those interested and have listed some on eBay that people seem very happy with so far and as time goes by I will add to the designs.

The website is called www.twistergraphics.com andI can make kits for those who are interested. I only have kits for a few ATVs but can add more if people are interested. I produce them all from start to finish and can make almost any custom kit as long as I get correct dimensions.

View the latest Fire Skull Graphics Kit images below and click to enlarge.

Hop-Up Tips: Yamaha Wrench Report - 1985 Tri-Z

For whatever the reason I have had several requests on modifications for Yamaha's Tri-Z 250. I was lucky enough to have Yamaha's Wrench Report from 1985 and 3&4 Wheel Action's report of the factory recommended changes. Since 3&4 Wheel action did such a good job with it I decided to reproduce their version for you die-hard Tri-Z riders out there to use. As with any modifications to a motor and such don't blame me if you screw it up... I'm just the messenger. ;-)

ATV Wallpaper Backgrounds

2003 Yamaha Raptor 660R

I have made several wallpapers of different photos I have of ATVs for my screen wallpaper.

Instead of me keeping them all to myself I thought I'd share them with anyone who wants one.

Click me

Other Archived Articles & My Projects

Three Wheeling Magazine's 1986 250cc three wheeler comparison between the big three... Honda's ATC 250R, Yamaha's Tri-Z 250 and Kawasaki's 250 Tecate. Find out which one suits your riding style for your next restoration project.


My recently purchased 1982 ATC 250R
No, this isn't an archived shot... It's my recent purchase. It's a 1982 ATC 250R in almost showroom condition.

1971 US90 Project(s)
Here's what I'll be working on this when time permits
These are pictures of the latest addition to the QuadPit project list. It's a 1985 Honda FL350 Odyssey and actually doesn't need much in the project area. I need to de-rust and seal the gas tank and fix the weak brakes. Future Mods will include a airbox modification and replace the stock shocks with some Works Performance boingers.

New Vienna Motorsports Park

One of my favorite ride spots at southern Ohio's New Vienna Motorsports Park
has re-opened for ATV and motorcycles!

Click the link above or picture for my past review of this ride or click the link below to view a PDF of their printed handout.

Handout Information

I'm too old for this!!!!

QuadPit Tip:
Note to self:
Eating spicy foods the evening before a ride may cause certain gases to ignite and cause a severe burning sensation. If these gases drift toward the exhaust please dismount the ATV before other riders are exposed to the explosive results.