Updated: October 25, 2003

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New Vienna MX Park - New Vienna, OH

Here's an overhead shot of the MX Park. ZOOM

This is the sign-up building. The costs are $10 per rider and they also sell some misc. accessories inside.

Rules of the track. ZOOM

New Vienna's huge double jump. Massive pucker-factor here. ZOOM

Just outside of New Vienna, Ohio is a recently built MX Park that features many different areas to ride and practice your racing or jumping skills. The track features 3 groomed MX tracks, a high-speed flat track for the oval racing types, a dirt drag strip, a Peewee track and a small hare scramble course that loops through fields, woods and streams. I heard about it through other riders and since it was only 30 miles from my house I thought I'd try it out.

I really like the selection of tracks to choose from. The owners who build and groom the track have made the tracks a good balance between motorcycle and ATV riding abilities. New Vienna is very well kept and the water truck usually makes several appearances a day so there's never a big dust problem to worry about. I haven't been there when it's raining, (I hate mud), but with the type of dirt there I imagine it's pretty greasy when water is added to the mix.

There's also a hare scrambles course through the wooded area in the back of the park that you can practice your tree-dodging skills on or take the less experienced rider for cruising through the woods on some of the slower, non-track areas.

I wouldn't recommend New Vienna for the 4x4 or casual woods rider types. My opinion is about 90% of the layout is set up for the racer, or fast trail rider, that is looking for some practice time but not wanting to wait for their local track's practice schedule.

As for me, I really enjoy the people who work there, the track variety and the many rhythm sections to practice my double jumping skills.

So, if you are looking for some MX track practice and live in the southwest Ohio area, New Vienna may be the place for you.

Map location in Ohio

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